Charities are always under pressure to ensure that their costs are the absolute minimum required to do the charities main work. Whatever type of charity you are you will always be looking for better ways to spend the fundraising money and donations you receive and part of that must be a regular review of you day to day costs including your energy bills.

Growing competition between charities and a tough financial climate create an environment where charities can struggle to survive making paying as little as possible for fixed costs a real bonus. Energy bills are one of the largest financial costs for any business and charities are no different. Energy Brokers like SupplyWise can help any size of charity reduce its energy bill, often by a large amount.

Charities must also demonstrate that they are spending the money they have in a responsible way. Ensuring that charities are paying the least amount for the same service is a very good way of showing the public and the people that donate to their cause that they are a responsible charity who spends their money well and on the right things.

Energy costs are only one of the factors affecting UK charities, here are a few challenges that charities are having to face in 2019.


The Austerity program was started in 2010 and since then this has squeezed not only government budgets and the funding of charities but also as people have less expendable income the amount, they can give to charities also reduces. The high street has also suffered through austerity and also through online shopping services meaning the high street charity shops are no longer as profitable as they once were.

Competition in the Charity Space

With the rise of social media and crowdfunding websites, traditional charities have to work harder to compete in a noisier space both for attention and for funds. With many more charities vying for the publics attention this can mean that donations that older and larger charities once relied on may be reduced.

Charities in the News for the wrong reasons

Giving to charities makes people feel like they are contributing to their society or helping to fix some of the world’s problems in their own small way. So, when a charity is in the news for the wrong reasons such as financial mismanagement or exploitative practices this can present huge challenges for not only those charities but the whole charity sector as trust is eroded.

With all of the problems listed above great charities are still trying to make a difference in the world, to do the things they were set up to do. However, they know that they are under ever increasing scrutiny and what they spend their money on needs detailed reporting.

One of the ways that charities can make savings without any compromises to their services is to ensure they are getting the best deals on their energy costs. The team at SupplyWise can look at your usage across all of your sites and ensure you are on the right deals for your usage and on the cheapest possible tariff across all the energy suppliers.

The SupplyWise energy brokers will find the best deal for your charity at no cost to you, their services to the charity is free as they receive their fee from the energy supplier. SupplyWise also ensures that they are completely transparent about the fees they receive so you know you have been offered all the best deals on the market not just the ones which pay higher fees to the energy brokers.

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