You can put in all the energy saving measures your business can afford, install LED lights and get an ultra-efficient new boiler. You can even change utility provider to reduce your annual bill.

But if you don’t have the support of your own staff, all that good work could quickly go to waste.

Here are our top tips for getting your employees on board and to really help drive those annual fuel costs down.

  1. Get Staff Involved

You may be surprised at just how many people in your business are actually into ways of saving the planet. Whether it’s turning out the lights, switching off the printer or even cycling to work every morning, the research shows that nearly two thirds of us are more eco-friendly than we’ve ever been before.

It’s a good idea to take all this potential for energy saving and formalise it. We suggest having regular meetings with staff to talk through ways to cut down your energy usage and reduce your carbon footprint. Have brainstorming sessions to come up with energy saving measures – you’ll be amazed what they come up with.

  1. Create an Energy Efficiency Policy

With the help of your staff, it should be possible to draw up an energy efficiency policy, a written document that sets out the guidelines for being more energy conscious in your business. You should include common practice that you want to encourage as well as any responsibilities that individual staff have for monitoring or controlling energy usage.

  1. Take the Lead

As the boss of your business, of course, you need to lead by example and adhere to the rules as well. You might be introducing small behavioural changes, perhaps your approach is more challenging, but you have to show that you’re putting in the hard yards and doing it too.

That includes measures only you can do. For example, renegotiating a new deal with your utility provider when your contract is or investing in energy saving measures such as LED lighting.

  1. Measure Your Success

The easiest way to see if your new behaviour is achieving results is to have a regular energy audit. This initially takes a look at where and how you are using electricity and heating and where savings can be made. You might benefit from having smart meters installed to give you a clear indication of your energy usage at all times. You could work with an energy broker to see if there are further improvements or changes that can be made.

  1. Reward Your Staff

If your staff are helping to save your business money, then it’s only right that you incentivise them in some way. Putting some of the cash benefit aside to have a night out might be one way to do this. Some businesses in effect gamify their energy saving by splitting staff into teams and seeing who can come up with the most savings – rewarding the winners in some way.

There is another good thing that comes from getting employees involved in reducing your energy usage – it improves morale. Energy saving is something that is separate from the everyday work they carry out and can be a great way to get people involved that has importance beyond their job roles.

There’s no doubt that when you put the right energy saving policy in place it can have huge benefits for your business. If you haven’t done it already, it’s time to have an energy audit and start working with your staff to make real cost cutting decisions across your business. You’ll be surprised what a difference it will make and how quickly you begin to see improvements.