With colder weather just around the corner, businesses all across the UK will be considering when to put the heating on. Nights are drawing in too and business electricity bills are again on the rise, so finding ways to save money is, as always, important.

Plan Ahead

You might wonder what you need to do when it comes to planning ahead for your energy usage over the winter. If you have been putting off tasks such as improving insulation, switching to energy efficient lighting or updating your heating system, however, it’s a good idea to have a strong plan of attack.

The first thing you need to do is undertake an audit for your business.

  • How exactly are you using energy and how is this going to change over the winter months?
  • Are you using too much energy outside of business hours, for example, by unnecessarily heating rooms or leaving equipment on?
  • Can you get your own staff involved in helping to reduce consumption?

Once you start taking a closer look at your energy usage, it’s amazing how many small and big ways you can find to cut the costs and save money for your business.

Review or Switch Your Utility Supplier

Most businesses have a contract with a utility company and they rarely take the time to look at better deals on the market. With domestic usage, we’re regularly encouraged to switch supplier. The same should also apply to your business energy provider.

To save your business money this winter, there are a lot of different options on the market and a range of tariffs that could save you several hundred pounds over the winter months.

It’s a good idea to employ the services of an energy broker like Supplywise. They’ll be able to take a closer look at the type of business your run, what your consumption is and match you up with a suitable supplier and a tariff to suit your needs. They can also advise on areas such as how to make your business more energy efficient.

Of course, you will be charged for this service but, if you choose the right person or company, it should be more than outweighed by the savings that you make. You can only look at switching energy supplier if you are near the end of your contract but, if this is the case, a broker is a good place to start.

Create Energy Champs

Your own staff could well be an amazing asset to help reduce energy costs. Getting people involved to find ways of cutting down electricity and gas usage shouldn’t be underestimated. Energy champions can make sure that equipment is turned off, isn’t consistently run without being used, and they can suggest ideas for making savings as well as a whole host of other options you may not have thought about.

Improve Insulation and Drafts

Many businesses, especially those located in old properties, loose far too much heat through drafts and poor insulation. While it comes with an initial cost to put right, the longer-term benefits to your company are going to be huge. Another thing that you might like to consider is the quality of your double glazing. This is a prime source of heat loss and if your windows and doors are more than 15 to 20 years old it might be time to replace them.

Switch to LED Lighting

Finally, there’s nothing simpler than switching your lighting from CFL to LED. Again, it’s more expensive (though the prices are coming down) but the longer-term savings are real and many people believe it gives a clearer and cleaner light to work by. The good news is that you can do it gradually if you’re budget is tied up elsewhere.