Dual Fuel for Business

Saving money on your business utilities should be an important part of your business plan, but as business utilities can be complex and take a lot of time to research often businesses are paying more than they need to for their utility usage. One of the ways business customers can save money is by using the same supplier for both their electricity and gas supply, this is known a dual fuel.

Is Dual Fuel Right for your Business

If your business uses both electricity and gas, then a dual fuel bill from the same provider may yield a better discount than going to two separate providers for each energy type. However, if you use one type significantly more than the other then sourcing the best deals from separate providers may still be the best way to get the cheapest business energy for your premises and organisation.

The only way to know if a dual fuel business energy deal is right for you is to scour the market and compare and contrast the different options available to your business and match them against your business usage. This of course does take a long time and as a business owner we know time is precious so let the team at Supply Wise find the best energy deals on your behalf.

The expert business energy brokers at Supply Wise will match your business energy usage to the best deals on the market to ensure you pay as little as possible for the energy you use. They may be able to find the best deal using a dual fuel option or they may find two separate suppliers will work best for your business.

Business Utility Experts

Our services are completely free of charge to your business and we are completely transparent about the commission we receive so you can be sure you are getting the absolute best deal for your business utilities usage. Complete our quick online form today and we will find the best deals for your business and then we can complete the switching process for you, leaving you free to do what you do best – run your business